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The Hooch Life Guide to American Whiskey

The Hooch Life
The Hooch Life
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Fans of American whiskey will appreciate the informative and aesthetically pleasing Hooch Life Guide to American Whiskey just released from the website The Hooch Life, a site for "What to drink, Where to Drink, and How to Drink."

The guide briefly explains and offers tasting notes for all categories of American whiskey: bourbon, Tennessee, rye, corn, malt, and wheat, with recommended expressions and prices of each type. Included with each listing is a cocktail tailored to that brand's liquid idiosyncrasies.

The guide isn't comprehensive, as the big dogs like Jack Daniel's and Wild Turkey are absent, but if you have money to burn and want to enjoy a few of our country's greatest creations, this is your checklist.

The most prevalent guide author, Greg Harned of Portland Oregon, has a no-nonsense, friendly way of explaining everything sans snobbery or pretensions, unlike bloggers that use the word sans. Beware of becoming smitten with one of the reviews, only to go mad searching for your true love. If you're in Southern California and want to taste the whiskey first, try Neat, Seven Grand, 1886, Oldfield's, AREAL, or Varnish.

Once you're besotted with your selection, sober up and look for the bottle at these fine retailers: Beverage Warehouse at the 90 near Culver City; The Wine House in West LA; Bar Keeper in Silver Lake; K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood; and Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa.

For a bourbon primer, check out Info 101: What is bourbon?


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