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The Holly shrub

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The Holly shrub, are sturdy, glossy with a ridged shape and round leaves. They produce berries of many colors depending on the species of the plant. They are most fruitful in the winter months with berries, attracting birds.

The Holly shrub can grow into a tree form (depending on the species) and are grand in appearance, when mature in height and width. They are able to grow to "8 - 60 feet tall ". They grow well in temperatures of hot and cold nevertheless, they cannot withstand temperatures below 20- 30 degrees. At that time it would cause stress on the Holly plant life and it would be recommended to cover with a breathable cloth for protection.

It is said, they prefer sun and part shade, however when given all sun they will grow denser in form. The Holly plant is an evergreen plant life and they are available in a variety of species.

It is also said, that the months of November to December would be the time for pruning to keep it natural shape.

They prefer to be watered allowing some moisture to be available to the plant. The Holly also prefers soil that allows for the water to be well drained. It does not tolerant soggy soil or too much wetness. The plant food most desired is an acid base fertilizer that can be given "annually".

The Local nurseries and Garden centers in El Paso, TX can offer the food needed for the plant life.

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