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Ginny Vasquez, Detox Coach
Ginny Vasquez, Detox Coach
Ginny Vasquez

Humans are complex critters and no two people are exactly alike. Even twins have distinct personalities since experiences register differently with each person. An incident that seems insignificant to one person can be emotionally traumatizing to another.

Ginny Vasquez Muscle Testng a Client
Ginny Vasquez

Since our bodies are made up of pure energy, intense emotional experiences become trapped in our physical body and can lay dormant for years, disrupting the normal flow of energy. This can be the driving force behind mental and physical illnesses that manifest in a variety of ways… PTSD, depression, anger, disease and self-sabotaging behavior. An emotional detox can release them and pave the way for a permanent state of overall well-being. Shedding this “emotional baggage” can be as simple as turning to a Holistic Health Practitioner, like Ginny Vasquez.

Ginny is a Certified Body Code Practitioner (CBCP) and Detox Coach. She vividly recalls her mother suffering from depression so severe that she even submitted to shock therapy. Ginny was determined that her life would not be governed by doctors and prescription drugs. She pursued a holistic path that would allow her to enjoy life to the fullest and help others do the same, without the use of drugs. That path led her to The Emotion Code/Body Code. As a Certified Practitioner, Ginny uses a process called applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, to get to the root cause of negative emotions or imbalances so that they can be released, allowing our bodies to heal themselves for physical and emotional freedom and a new lease on life.

An excellent example of a trapped emotion/energy is a young woman who felt alone and helpless. It was revealed that her mother had accidentally pinned her skin to a cloth diaper when she was an infant. The emotion stayed with her, manifesting itself in hip and knee pain. Once the reason for her trapped emotion was identified, she was able to release it. Her trapped emotion and symptoms simultaneously disappeared.

Children of all ages and pets of all kinds can also have trapped emotions and imbalances, so keep that in mind. No matter where in the world you live, you can schedule a session with Ginny…by phone or by computer via Skype or Tango. Consider what you could accomplish if you could just get out of your own way! Ginny will coach you.

Ginny Vasquez
Detox Coach
Certified Body Code Practitioner (CBCP)