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The holidays offer unique job opportunities

Santa may earn $12
an hour. (istockphoto)

With high unemployment plaguing most of the United States, job seekers are forced to think outside the box when it comes time to find a new job. And the Holidays are the perfect time to do just that! Whether you are between companies or are seeking extra spending money, consider the following Holiday job opportunities:

Mall Santa or elf
Christmas Decorating Consultant (designs commercial and / or residential Christmas displays)
Christmas Illuminator (hangs Christmas lights and ensures that they are properly illuminated)
Christmas Tree Lot Attendant
Christmas Tree Delivery Driver
Christmas Tree Recycling Pick Up
Santa Letter Writer
Mall Gift Wrapper
Mall Security Guards
Salvation Army Bell Ringer or other charity worker
Parcel Delivery Driver or Parcel Sorter (UPS/FedEx)
Retail Helper (sales, stacking shelves, displays)
Restaurant Helper (cook, dishwasher, waiter, host)
Food / Alcohol Promoter (works at a grocery store promoting a certain product)
Front Desk Help at a hair salon
Personal Shopper
Christmas Party Planner

To locate these holiday jobs, check your local classifieds, look for signs in store front windows or visit your nearest temporary staffing agency.  Be sure to customize your resume to reflect how your skills and experience meet the minimum qualifications of the job; dress appropriately for your interview; ensure your portfolio is updated (if required) and spread the Holiday Cheer!


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