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The holiday season is officially over: What to do with the used Christmas tree

Today, January 13 officially marks the last day of the holiday season. It is finally time to take down the Christmas tree. By this time there is no way to keep it alive and the drying tree is taking up room and slowly shedding at a fast rate.

What did you do with your dead Christmas tree?

Many people just bag their trees and set them out for the garbage truck to carry away as trash. That is one way to go but did you know that an old Christmas tree still has a lot to offer you if you take the time to think about what it can do for you and the environment.

Clever ways to use a dead Christmas tree:

Cut the branches off and snip the boughs and place them in your flower beds to protect the plants from heavy snow and reduce the amount of frost that will collect around the base of the plants.

Cut the boughs off that still contain needles and rent a wood chipper. Use the chipper to turn the trunk of the tree into mulch. Store the mulch in a shed until springtime them spread them under and around plants, shrubs and trees in your yard. The mulch or your newly recycled ground-covering will provide nutrients for the soil around your plants as they decompose over time making your plants really blossom as they wake up from their winter sleep.

If you purchased or cut down a tree that had a wide trunk and you are a craftsman. Take out that say and create some things for the house or to sell. You can create coasters or small table tops and all that you need to do after the cutting is done is sand the pieces and apply a layer of polyurethane to give it a smooth and glassy finish.

Maybe you want to use your old tree for an outdoor project. Just cut small circles similar in size from the tree trunk and use them as a bordering edge around a flower garden or even to mark the walkway leading towards your front door.

A Christmas tree does more than look pretty, hold ornaments and provide a place for gifts to be stored!

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