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The Hobby Lobby decision reveals a still salvageable American soul

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Today's Supreme Court decision is more than a victory for the Hobby Lobby Corporation.

It is a victory in the revelation of the still salvageable American soul.

Let's face it, the soul of America has been teetering over the edge ever since the Obama administration has taken the reigns of American leadership. The fundamental change Barack Obama promised seems to be the extinguishing of the 'flickering flame', and the ultimate crushing of the 'bruised reed.' In the ultimate anti-Christian expression of a Presidential Administration, Barack Obama has seemed hell-bent on destroying American metaphysics--in other words, obliterating any perception of America as having a Judaeo-Christian soul.

From socialistic Obama-care to integrity destroying entitlements, Barack Obama has attacked free trade, and American entrepreneurial spirit, with regulations, restrictions, and a perpetually sagging economy. Instead of a robust self-initiating society, the President has created a nanny state which cares for increasing numbers of dependent sloths.

Internationally, Barack Obama has nearly destroyed the soul of American-exceptionalism. Instead of leading the world through courageous, charitable, and compassionate STRENGTH, Barack Obama has tied a ball and chain to Uncle Sam's ankles in perpetual apologies for American international initiative, and has turned us (U.S.) into a passive back-of-the-room observer. His inconsistent, and perplexing, international policy has weakened America's Judaeo-Christian presence in the world through an inept secularist approach, while emboldening Islamic fundamentalism in the world. Now, not only is our collective soul under attack, so are our physical asses.

But what hits the American Christian most close to home is Barack Obama's attack on our religious freedom. Hiding behind the mask of 'women's reproductive rights,' Mr. Obama launched a frontal assault on religious freedom in America.

That is why today is such a great victory.

That is why the American soul is still salvageable.

Obviously, there is still a mustard seed of faith in our nation.

And we all know what God can do with a mustard seed.