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The history of Valentine's Day cards: Why cards have V-Day love quotes and poems

Intro: Ever wondered about the history of Valentine's Day and about why we give V-Day presents, cards and sweets? And for that matter, have you ever wondered why we love Valentine quotes and sayings so much? If so, you should be thanking Geoffrey Chaucer.

The history of Valentines Day cards: Or why cards have V-Day love quotes and poems
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Geoffrey Chaucer, the great English poet and teller of the tales of Canterbury, decided that V-Day needed a little love poetry added to it. In fact, if you're searching for sayings, poems and quotes for homemade Valentine's day cards as we speak, you have him to thank for it. His poetic heart played a large part in the history of Valentine's Day cards as we know them.

As Live Science explains,

Valentine's name was not associated with romantic and courtly love until the 14th century, when Geoffrey Chaucer incorporated St. Valentine’s Day into his love poem "The Parliament of Fowls," according to Philip Florio, assistant to the vice president of student life at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

If You Need Valentine Love Quotes to Tuck Into Your V-Day Cards and Treats, Try These:

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