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The history of separation and have we been here before

Beach and Sky you and I
Beach and Sky you and I

Have you ever had the feeling that we have all been here before? No this isn’t about reincarnation at terms of the individual person although it may perhaps tie into the general of the topic to be discussed. Has the world gone through cycles of existence building itself up and then due to one cataclysm or another being wiped out. There seems to be some truth to this theory if you look at the cycles in Torah.

Crashing waves

In the beginning the world was new and man came into it harmonious with his or her environment a creature at one with creation. Call this the imaged man or the archetypical man. This we could also call the first generation of man.

Following this man is formed out of dust and the breath of God and from there woman is taken from man. This is the second generation of man and represents a subtle fall from the unity of male and female in that first level.

Now because of that separation of male and female another level of being emerges, one that is not eternal and is subject to death and the whole series of experiences that comes out of that separation.

The next level of appearance follows a series of begetting taking us up to the Tower of Babel where symbolically man builds a tower to the heavens but is confounded at the end by a mixup in the languages that make it impossible to proceed. Call this a descent. This descent continues until there is a major reset
destroying all but selected animals and Noah and his family. A cataclysmic descent is then followed by the appearance of Abram.

Abram begins the ascent becoming Abraham the man who is aware of God. Abraham teaches his children and the ascent continues until Joseph enter Egypt. At that time his brothers descend into Egypt becoming slaves a symbol of a massive fall.

The descent continues until the liberation by Moses and an ascent culminates at Sinai where there is a momentary restoration of the awareness of God in the individual. At the same time a tumultuous descent occurs the incident of the Golden Calf. However, through the intercession of Moses all is not lost and he ascends once again to receive the ten commandments. The people cannot achieve the same ascent with him. This is critical to understanding what happens next.

Forty years in the wilderness are symbolic of a decay as the people reject the unity and die off leaving a new generation to enter the Promised Land.

From here on the people elect to have a King further distancing themselves from the unity even though a temple is raised and the unity is approached however, in halting steps since the ingrained priesthood is and always has been a recipe for corruption. Due to that corruption the temple fails and is destroyed. Again the temple is resurrected for a time and then because of the same corruption from within fails and is destroyed.

The main focus of the return to unity is then fragmented by a series of laws and proscriptions brought about by Talmud- Gemara and Mishnah that the spirituality that would have guaranteed unity is placed in there few and far between.

Now as we look over this history of separation the unity however, lingers. It is a constant thread that keeps surfacing giving rise to the thought that perhaps at some distant past panoply of humankind the unity was firmly established at some point. It just seems like the play of history this time around is all to familiar as if that ancient past were ingrained in our racial memories.

Moving forward to the present moments we have the opportunity to promote the unity in every thought word and deed. In this way we establish the unification of the above and the below.

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