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The history of Nutella

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Breakfast is an extremely important meal that can be made even more delicious thanks to products like Nutella. Nutella is a scrumptious hazelnut and chocolate mixture that can be spread on toast (or devoured by itself) or added as a side to make breakfast (or any meal) twice as tasty. Nutella was first created in the 1940s by an Italian bakery owner named Pietro Ferrero. During that time World War II was raging and it was hard to get chocolate in Italy. Hence, Pietro Ferrero made an alternative to classic chocolate by combining hazelnuts and cocoa. Initially, he called his creation “gianduja” and it came in the form of a solid block that could be sliced and served on bread. Soon, the gianduja evolved into a spreadable version called “supercrema.” In 1964, the product was renamed Nutella for the U.K market. This word combines the English word “nut” with the Latin word for sweet, “ella.”

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Nutella was an instant success and soon started selling worldwide. In fact, Nutella is so beloved that in 2012, when the French government proposed to increase the tax on palm oil (which is an essential ingredient in Nutella) there was an international argument over the “Nutella tax” that people feared would raise the price of the product. Nutella has even been the victim of crimes. For example, in 2013 five tons of Nutella (which was worth about $25,000) was stolen from a parked van in Germany!

It is estimated that, worldwide, one jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds. It is also said that a person could circle the globe 1.4 times with all the Nutella that was produced in 2013 alone. Today, Nutella is produced by a company owned by Michael Ferrero, the son of Pietro Ferrero. Michael Ferrero is believed to be worth about $26.8 billion, making him Italy’s richest person! Fun fact: the company also produces the delicious and beloved chocolate candies called “Ferrero Rocher.”