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The History of Captain America and The Winter Soldier (Infographic)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released last week nationwide. It received great reviews and broke several box office records for the month of April. Safe to say that Marvel has another win under its belt with this movie. Captain America may be by far the most American and Patriotic superhero but he is also often considered one of the most boring superheroes. I typically write about tech type stuff and really other than his shield, there isn't too much to talk about with this superhero. However many people will want to see this movie and I recently stumbled upon an infographic from Medals of America that gave some background information to the two main characters in this movie, Captain America and The Winter Soldier.

It graphic does a great job of explaining the history and relationship between the two. Several people, outside of die hard fans, will be surprised to know that the two were actually once best friends. Definitely take a look at the image and find out the back story so that you'll be ready to see the movie if you haven't already!

Brought to you by Medals of America


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