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The historical Villa Riviera in Long Beach is stunning both inside and out

View from one of the Villa Riviera's condos
View from one of the Villa Riviera's condos

The Villa Riviera in Long Beach, Ca. looked spectacular for its 2010 Valentine’s Day tour. Visitors to 800 E. Ocean Blvd. got to see 20 units, some of which were studios, some one bedrooms, and a couple of two bedroom units. Visitors went up the service elevator and started on the 15th floor working their way down.

The iconic Villa Riviera in Long Beach
Shelley Garza

Inside most of the units have hardwood floors, updated kitchens, art deco tile in the baths, and spectacular views of either downtown Long Beach or ocean and Queen Mary views. Some of the 2 bedrooms were made from combining a studio and a one bedroom unit. One unit featured a vintage stove, and most of the units are decorated in keeping with the Villa Riviera’s 1929 time period. All of the units viewed are remarkable and unique.

The Villa Riviera recently underwent a major renovation, stripping off 16 layers of paint and the replacement of 6 missing gargoyles by reproducing them. The original 1929 exterior color is what you see today.

There is currently only 1 active listing in the Villa Riviera and some units are for rent. One rental that is available has a rare outside deck with ocean views.

The Villa Riviera also has a museum with period photographs on display, an Umbrella Room that is a sunken lounging area, and a marvelous grand foyer. With the renovation and further plans for other projects in the works the Villa Riviera is sure to remain the grand icon of Long Beach for the foreseeable future.

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