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The Hindu God Ganesha and the February Full Moon

Invoke Ganesha for strength and courage.
Invoke Ganesha for strength and courage.

The Hindu God Ganesha or Ganesh is an elephant-headed deity. His energy is one of overcoming obstacles, making him an excellent God to call upon or invoke during the February full moon. Ganesha teaches about perseverance, strength and courage.

During the February full moon invoking Ganesha can help connect with the natural strength and courage that everyone possesses. Ganesha can bring a deep connection with personal power that is often required during times of change and growth.

February Full Moon Guided Visualization

Use the following visualization individually or with a group to tap into this month’s energy. Find a quiet and comfortable spot and allow about ten minutes to complete this activity.

  1. Relax your mind and body. Focus on breathing deeply and slowly. Allow the thoughts that come into your mind to leave, leaving a quiet, dark and safe space within. Feel the earth beneath you and the universe above you.
  2. Imagine yourself on a path in some woods. The path is clear and lit by the light of the moon. It is safe and you are amazed by how much the full moon lights the night scene before you.
  3. Walk along the path, paying close attention to any animals, rocks, or plants that stand out. They will have significance and you will be able to remember them later and think about what they mean to you.
  4. Up ahead you see a space or a clearing to sit down in. Sit down and breathe in the smells of the forest.
  5. You notice another being coming down the path. The being is smiling. It is Ganesha and he’s come to give you something. Welcome him into the space and feel happy knowing he has come just for you.
  6. Allow some time to communicate with Ganesha. He may speak, or give you feelings, perhaps even a gift. You can ask questions.
  7. When you are finished communicating with Ganesha, thank him and say goodbye. Make your way slowly back down the path.
  8. Slowly bring your conscious mind back to the present, knowing that you can visit with Ganesha any time.

Celebrating the February full moon is a great way to connect with the inner characteristics of strength and courage that are required by trying and challenging situations.


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