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The highs and lows of home organizing

A light bulb moment

Search high. Search low. And while you are at it, think vertical.

When space is at a premium, making the most out of it will result in a noticeable difference in any room of the house. In a given area, hidden and often overlooked places can be optimized and used to stash the stuff. You may just have to look up or down.

Go outside of the box. Creating functional spaces does not mean that taste and style are the automatic casualties of the clutter war. With a little ingenuity, you really can have it all.

Shelves placed high in a kitchen or bathroom come in handy for a multitude of items. Infrequently used things and extra supplies can still be accessible without taking up prime real estate. Just invest in a sturdy step stool.

Baskets can be used under side and coffee tables to house reading material, electronic gadgets or just about anything that winds up in the living area. Cloth napkins nestled over them will hide any unsightly mess.

Shutters on a wall in a home office help with the relentless paper tiger that invades each and every home. The slots hold all of those important papers that usually end up in a huge pile on the desk, chair or floor. It makes it easier to find what you want and harder to forget important deadlines.

Above all, get rid of the excess and then work to optimize the space. Solutions are there if you stretch the imagination and evaluate the entire room. Daily life can be made a bit easier without compromising your unique sense of style. Sometimes, it is perfectly fine to get high and aim low if it gets the job done.

For more information on this topic, visit 11 Clever Ways to Maximize Space in Every Room of your Home by Freshome.

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