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The High Times, 2014 'Cannabis Cup' in Clio, MI., a big success!

The two day event was threatened with rain both days, but Mother Nature cooperated, and the weather was great; if you like it hot.

The weather cooperated, for both days of Medical Marijuana education and competition

No trees to hide under or cast a cooling breeze, the Auto City Speedway was packed for the two day festival. Growers , caregivers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs were everywhere, and any product you could want or think of, was available; and of course some you never heard of.

Freebies and giveaways were everywhere, and the VIP tickets scored you a goodie bag and special treatment! At any given time, vendors/growers were seen tossing out various goodies; even BUDS!

Except for a lot charging $20.00, the parking was fair, at $5.00, in several businesses near the speedway. It did seem a bit much for the speedway to charge 10.00 for on site parking, but greed is rampant these days, and generosity rare!

Edible treats were everywhere, with one of the most popular being the Raspberry and Cherry ice creams. It was a bit hot for medicinal chocolates, but if you wanted one, they had them!

A couple ambulances were dispatched, heat stroke was a possibility with high temperatures and high humidity looming over the crowded speedway. No doubt, the novelty of such an event in this area would have facilitated many eager and greedy participants into over-indulging!

Rumors of the return of the "Cannabis Cup" are circulating, but there's sure to be some sort of festival like this again. There was too much money circulating in a venture of capitalism and freedom, for there not to be another one again soon.

Why Michigan? Well, Michiganders have been growing Marijuana since the 70's, and probably before that. Vietnam Veterans returned with exotic strains including the Cambodian, a very Skunky strain. With each overseas conflict, new seeds made it home to the USA; and industrious and experienced growers seized the opportunity to domesticate them. Michigan grows great Catnip, robust Tomatoes, and it grows excellent Cannabis. With the increase of indoor growing, the clone became popular; and now there's no looking back.

Educate yourself, learn the laws of the area, and proceed with caution.

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