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The high, the truth of denial and deception

The high, the truth of denial and deception
The high, the truth of denial and deception

Welcome to your nightmare. That’s what The Buddha said, “Most people’s eyes are so caked shut with denial and self-deception they will never awaken and grow. Most people’s inner monologue is so cluttered with falsehoods, unexamined thoughts and escapist thoughts there is no hope of them ever waking up."

The ongoing process to reality at all costs

“Standing in our own truth,” is holistic. It’s less ego-flattering and your grip on the tales you tell to those around you to keep them close would crumble into a million tiny pieces. The unhealthy in mind would rather spend their time pushing out of their lives the people who get in the way of their denial and false claims. There is no riding the fence, either you are or you aren’t.

Stagnation and regression, escape and avoidance

It’s like feeding the body a steady diet of junk food, feeding your mind and the minds of the sleeping people you surround yourself with. Your inner truth detector, your character, your core being, your capacity for reasoning, and looking at things objectively, fairly or at least impartially is weak and has left the building. It’s so malnourished that your conscious is just a whimper in the background of your incessant unorganized inner blabber.

What will you choose: sanity or insanity, truth or lies

Ego maniac, severe sociopathic personality? Once in a very stray great while they may have a normal decent thought, but it’s the unhealthy and discursive that makes them feel better, happier and alive. Why would anyone any to break this sleepwalk on the dark side? The road less traveled? Choose truth over your own comfort? To fight the good fight and let the easy wrongs die out?

Only the mentally healthy can do it

How did you land in the world of beliefs based on self-denial and how did you get led astray? When your ego has been driving on autopilot and that is what it’s called when you are not conscious. There’s a stranger in your house.

Has it really been so long since you experienced genuine inner self or dialectic thinking

You love to be correct, and the idea of another way pushes your buttons. You don’t or won’t pay attention, or see the differences because you are totally immersed in your own world, or until your world turns into a living hell.

It’s a drug high, a heroine morphine high self-denial and deception

It’s the ultimate twist.You come to the denial party with both of your guns fully loaded. Sweeping generalizations, half-truths, outright lies, pointing your finger. The mental emotional illusion is a slippery slope. You are the master of your own universe and you make the rules where you live in your mind. Juggling reality and fantasy you play all kinds of games to assure your place in your world. To remain emotionally safe on the hamster wheel you have made up the smell test, by creating mental rules of judgment. The point is, you don’t have to participate in this any more.

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