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The high cost of infidelity - How Tiger Woods is making us rethink the issues of cheating

Have a cheater in your life? See the cost of infidelity and discover local resources to help.
Have a cheater in your life? See the cost of infidelity and discover local resources to help.
Ajda Gregorcic

Cheating is nothing new and unfortunately, is becoming something of a culturally accepted norm. For many years people kind of expected men to get a little action on the side and conversely, expected woman to be faithfully waiting at home. The past five or so years has marked a change in this notion, with woman becoming just as bad as men in the loyalty department.

Strip clubs and pornography have been stripped of their stigma and grandmas are taking pole dancing classes….which is why the Tiger Woods festival of filth is so surprising. Not just that he is a world-class cheater, but that he is actually having to pay for it.

According to People Magazine, Tiger Woods made 110 million a year in endorsements.
Endorsement deals often have morality clauses, which is likely true with Tiger as he was seen as a clean-cut low risk spokesperson. This is partially why the vastness of his lying and cheating has done more than tarnish his reputation, it has created a backlash of public opinion who feel betrayed by the clean-faced golfer.

Researchers at the University of California-Davis have estimated that the companies and investors in the companies that are attached to Woods have lost 12 billion dollars as a result to his rampant infidelity. Their estimate doesn’t include personal losses. Here are a few of the endorsement losses so far:

  • Lost Pepsi endorsement and his product “Tiger Focus” shelved (Gatorade endorsement).
  • Lost Global consulting firm Accenture LTD endorsement.
  • Tag Heuer, Swiss watchmaker, plans to significantly downscale use of Woods for the foreseeable future, including removing all current Woods ads, posters etc…
  • Gillette won’t use his advertisements or include him in public appearances, they’re not saying if break is permanent, but is “indefinitely suspending Woods-related advertising.”
  • AT&T dropped Woods and released a statement that they “wish him well.”
  • GM ended it’s 9 year relationship with Woods.

    So far he’s be able to hold onto Nike and EA sports, but neither have publicly supported him either. Perhaps they’re seeing what happens, waiting for a nasty divorce, or waiting to see just how badly Tiger messed up. So far there are around nine woman who have been sexually involved with him, a few others have claimed they are also involved with him, and even an account or two of men.

    Everyone from porn actresses to waitresses have been linked to Tiger, all while married to a beautiful wife, who was either pregnant or caring for their two young children. Most, if not all, of his extra-martial flings were unprotected, meaning there could be implications we’ll never know about, like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies.

    So, how much does infidelity cost? Before this explosive situation came to light, the answer seemed to be, “Not much, everybody does it.” But, since the media and the public in general, seem to feel Tiger crossed too many lines, maybe things are swinging back in the other direction.
    All across the nation men and women have struggled after the world-shattering revelations of unfaithfulness in their own relationships. Some roll part of their emotions into anger, likely to be aimed at Tiger, the new spokesperson for cheaters. Some of those emotions will be sympathy for his wife, Elin Nordegern, who by all accounts is a devoted wife and mother.

    No matter what, infidelity always carries a cost. Tiger’s shocking story is just reminding us of that, and hopefully some will listen and make better decisions in their own life.

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