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The hidden value of using Skype as an interviewing tool

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Many companies have realized that Skype is a great way to interview candidates that are not located near their office. The ability to prescreen a candidate before going to the expense of flying them to your office is a tremendous cost savings. Although an obvious benefit, the value of Skype interviews is much more wide-ranging.

The less obvious advantages to meeting your candidate first on Skype is very subtle. People tend to be more relaxed when doing a Skype interview in the comforts of their own home. This means that they are more likely to be relaxed so you can see how serious they are as a job seeker, the professionalism they display by the selection of their backdrop and their aptitude for new technology.

If the position is going to require customer interaction beyond a phone call Skype interview will allow you to see how much they know about this widely used. You will be able find out they can handle Skype’s features such as video messaging, the chat box, sharing screens or using attachments.

Is not recommended that one’s aptitude for using Skype negates all other promises of their resume. That it will tell you if their lack of Skype experience is something you can train for or if it is an insurmountable deficit.

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