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The Hidden Treasure of Hanging Lake


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A must-do on every adventure enthusiasts' list is to hike up to HangingLake.  Located just east of Glenwood Springs, this moderate-to-difficult 1.2 mile hike is well worth the burn your legs may feel.  

The trail itself is rather steep and rocky, hence the difficult rating.  Although it is not very long, you will want to bring some water, especially on hot days, as you may get dehydrated.  There is a small creek that follows the hiking path with a never ending display of small waterfalls to guide you to the lake.  

The reward that awaits you at the top of the trail is the site of HangingLake.  The lake itself is merely a small pond and the falls are only about 30' tall, but the site itself is something to see. During the summer, the trail can get crowded at times, but once school starts, the trail becomes much less crowded. A nice wood-plank path has been built that allows access right up to the falls.

The hike takes approximately 2 hours to complete, based on skill level and of course how many pictures you take!  Bring some drinking water!

To get to the HangingLake rest stop, you have to go east on I-70 and exit at Exit 125.  There is no direct exit for west bound travelers, so you will have to exit at mile 121 and get back on to I-70 eastbound.  



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