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The hidden expenses of working from home

Don't be surprised by your bottom line. Discover the hidden expenses.
Don't be surprised by your bottom line. Discover the hidden expenses.


  • Jill Harrigan- Denver Vegetarian Examiner 6 years ago

    These are great things to think about. I also just wanted to mention that Mi Casa Resourse Center offers classes to help people come up with a solid business plan. Mi Casa Resourse Center is located in Denver, and is run by really friendly people who try their best to help you succeed.

  • Emilia Rak 6 years ago

    Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs I can tell you that the biggest thing that people forget to think about when they fantasize about going into business for themselves (because everyone thinks that being your own boss is so glamorous and easy) is that if they fail to bring money in (meaning not just what they bring it but what is left over after expenses divided by the number of hours there are in a day) the electric gets shut off, your family doesn't get fed and your home gets put up for foreclosure.

    Self-employment is definitely not for anyone who isn't a self-starter and adaptable. If you don't get a rush from "baptism by fire" or "sink or swim" situations then keep your 9 to 5.

  • Shamontiel (Chicago News & Events Examiner) 6 years ago

    One thing I realized fast is how much I use ink. I am constantly in Best Buy buying Brothers ink cartridges, which aren't all that popular, but I highly recommend this printer. I got used to everything else like the phone usage (if you get a good rate plan for long distance and local toll calls you'll be okay) and using more electricity. But the ink cartridges and paying for gas going back and forth to events hit me in the pocket. Fortunately my car is new so that helped a lot in the car expense area, but that's what I'd recommend most. In your own business, definitely have reliable transportation if you're a field reporter or have any job that requires you to constantly travel.

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