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The Hidden Danger of Skinny Fat: Secrets Revealed

Skinny Fat Risks
Skinny Fat Risks

Being slim is not equivalent to being healthy. In recent years physicians are seeing more and more thin people with many obesity or weight related health issues, like diabetes, high cholesterol and dangerously high blood pressure levels. It seems we as a nation have become so obsessed with weight that we've lost sight of something equally as important: the types of food we are eating. We have mistakenly come to think of weight as an indicator of a person's physical health and that is not just wrong, but dangerous as well. After reading this article: the hidden danger of skinny fat: secrets revealed you will have a better understanding of how to be thin and healthy.

What Makes Someone Skinny Fat

There are many people who give the appearance of being fit and healthy, but in reality they have a wide range of health issues, some of which they may not even be aware of. Physicians have seen a rise in patients who are skinny fat and a big reason why is that many of us don't realize the importance of getting our calories from the right food. It is not enough to count calories: you have to make sure you get your calories from nutritious foods, like whole grains, low-fat dairy products and lots of fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, you are fueling your body with low-quality food that can cause long-term medical problems, like diabetes.

Diet food, like 100 calorie snack packs, are the biggest offenders when it comes to making people skinny fat. Although these products contain just 100 calories a serving, the majority of those calories come from sugars and carbohydrates. These products are processed and add empty calories that spike your blood sugar and clog your arteries. In addition most people do not drink enough water, which cleans your system and helps stave off hunger pains.

Another reason for this skinny fat phenomenon is a lack of exercise. Being thin without being active and toned leads to a slow metabolism and flimsy muscle mass. Lean muscle is what helps your body burn calories most efficiently. Recent studies have shown a large number of adults with an average weight suffering from heart-related diseases, such as high blood pressure. Exercise can help regulate blood pressure and keep your heart pumping properly. The problem, physicians have noticed, is that people that are thin don't feel motivated to exercise and as a result end up with unhealthy conditions.

The Danger of Being Skinny Fat

As the number of people who are a healthy weight but have unhealthy systems continues to rise, physicians continue to look for the dangers associated with their condition and how to prevent them. In addition to diabetes, there are other equally serious conditions to look out for. One of the greatest concerns physicians have is how many of these individuals will have some form of cardiovascular disease as a result of their mismanaged lifestyle choices. Many average weight individuals have normal BMI's, yet they have an unusually high fat to lean mass ratio. In other words their body is mostly made up of fat and they are basically thin, but obese people.

Furthermore, although many of these normal weight people do not have a lot of fat, the fat they do have is the most dangerous type: visceral fat. Visceral fat comes from diets high in sugar and this type of fat can form a thin layer over their organs and cause metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is when an individual suffers from a bunch of medical conditions at the same time, like high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Having these conditions together greatly increases the risk of heart disease, stroke or heart attack.

How To Fight Being Skinny Fat

Physicians have come to realize that in fighting obesity we lost sight of a large number of equally important health issues, including being thin and unhealthy. Lifestyle habits are the best way to reduce the number of people who are thin but fat. Physicians urge everyone to adopt a healthy diet, drink lots of water and exercise regularly. It will make a difference and lower your chances of becoming seriously ill. The most important thing to remember is that sickness doesn't discriminate: no matter how thin you are you can fall victim to illness if you don't take care of your body.