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The Heritage Source


Instead of dull, dry historical books that only offer a fractional glimpse as to how you descended The Heritage Source allows you and your family to build and display your entire heritage all the way back to your roots of origin. You'll finally be able to gather all those old stories that you grew up on, all the photos, recipes, heirlooms, videos and so much more. But it's more than that. You'll be able to allow other family members to come together and share their collective images, stories and experiences so that they may contribute to finally archiving your amazing family heritage for your generations yet to come. Unlike the old family tree methods that only attempt to connect you through birth dates or a DNA profile type methods. The Heritage source allows you to unite your family in a way that all may share in the preservation of your family’s precious heritage so that none of those whose memories you cherish shall ever be forgotten.

The crowdfunding project is here