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The heat is on mission

If Ancient Paths Church Network gets everything they want to get accomplished from the 30 youth and leaders it can be a breakthrough week for the youth, the house churches and the city and county of Denver. Inner city missions have been put together for the last five years and scheduled throughout the summer in Globeville, Capitol Hill, Five Points and the 16th Street Mall. Five Points Media Group will be covering the mission trip and starting today DEE will be reporting from the vantage point of this column.

summer mission Denver

The Five Points of impact

Evangelism: Vantage Point Network is going to do stories that show how the church is impacting the neighborhoods mentioned. This afternoon at Martin Luther King Park between Stapleton and Park Hill neighborhoods 5 foot sandwiches were consumed and prayer was shared; worship was raised and the temperature came pretty close to 100 degrees. As in previous years the customary game of whiffle ball broke out.

The Least of These: The marketing plan is to go to the alley ways and reach out to people who are considered the least of these. Canvasing will happen later near the Elyria and Swansea areas and tonight at Elyria park vacation bible school, games and concerts will commence.

Media and Culture: Public gatherings, prayer walks and vacation bible school in the park will be a media that feeds a hungry culture. The canvasing is one way that the kids connect with kids and parents in the neighborhood. Pastor Robert Quintana of Pilgrim Congregational Evangelical Free Church will guide the kids through the neighborhoods. His church at 47th and Vine is one of the oldest continuous churches in the city.

Prayer Points: Student led prayer and worship, God sightings and dialogues with neighbors and God will be highlighted. The prayer this afternoon was for safety and travel, as well as God's love spread to the people of Denver. It should be an exciting week and we will be faithful to report it all back to you.

Community Building: Studies, relationship building, and outreach will be key points from Monday in Park Hill to Friday at City Park. A communion service will be held in City Park right before the missionaries go home to their churches. Reports from leaders have shown that from what is found here in Denver can be brought to more rural areas as well, like Casper and even in Littleton, Colorado.

The people involved would like to communicate with readers throughout the week.


Communications? Try thecommunicationcure. I know you didn't even know you had the disease! We all can get better. Go and tell them Dee sent you.


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