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The heartfelt ways pets display affection

Cats regularly communicate their feelings through their eyes.
Cats regularly communicate their feelings through their eyes.
Photo Credit: K. Whiteford

The loving and warmhearted ways animals show affection towards one another and to their pet parents is quite captivating, especially when a special unbreakable bond has been formed, but what is even more endearing is the significant meaning behind each gesture of affection. For example, when animals display tender acts of affection towards their pet parents, such as positioning their bodies in a way that allows their soft furry bellies to be exposed so they can be easily rubbed, they are clearly illustrating the loyalty, trust, devotion and attachment they feel towards their pet parents. This is because an animal's natural instinct is to always be alert on all four legs, and not appear vulnerable, so you can imagine how much trust your pets really have in you when they lovingly roll on the ground and expose their soft furry bellies to be rubbed. So what exactly is the meaning behind a pet's endearing display of affection?

Pets undeniably illustrate when you truly love something or someone, you never let it get out of your sight no matter what. One of the most evident ways a pet says, I love you, is by following you around everywhere throughout the house, including the bathroom, and if pets were able to follow you to work every day they most certainly would without any hesitation because they love and cherish you so much and literally want to be with you every second of the day. This is a loyal and authentic display of affection and only pets that sincerely trust and love their pet parents demonstrate this type of affection so take it as a compliment if you notice that your pet is keeping you in sight just about every second of the day. It means you are an undoubtedly lovable person.

There is an old English Proverb that says the eyes are the window to the soul and that might possibly explain why felines in particular are remarkably able to show love through their eyes by slowly blinking them also known as kitty kisses, which occurs when a cat deliberately and very slowly blinks her eyes at you making you feel very cherished. If you want to return the kitty kiss to your cat, all you have to do is slowly blink your eyes back at her and she will most likely slowly blink her eyes at you again. Not only is this a very adorable display of affection it is also a lot of fun to have a contest to see who can give the most kitty kisses in any given amount of time.

As you have just read, animals are just as capable of feeling and showing love, affection and devotion just like humans, but an animal's love seems to be more special because they honestly demonstrate affection through their body language which is always genuinely sincere.