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The Heart of Texas Comic Con in Waco Texas

Heart Of Texas Comic Con Lady Pirate
Heart Of Texas Comic Con Lady Pirate
Tresa Heath

Yes I am a nerd; I have never ever tried to hide that. Even though I have never cared much for comic books per say, I do enjoy the comic book heroes. The full blown stories that develop from comic books are some of my favorites. The character development to me is reminiscent of folk lore and old school music when a song told an interesting tale. The Walking Dead has to be the best thought out show on television right now and it stems from a comic book. To me it is all about the character development, where Heroes are made out of necessity. I want to believe in super heroes but some super heroes do not have super natural abilities but the simple ability to step up and lead. Having the ability to step up and follow is just as important, supporting the one who is leading, having their back come what may. In a sense followers like that are leaders as well Heroes if you prefer. These are attributes we can use in every day life.

I see no harm in wanting to believe that there is good in the world and even dress up and pretend to be that good, that has the worlds back. Our lives can be dull at the very least and soul crushingly disappointing at the worst. So I say add a little adventure without going out and getting yourself killed or getting into trouble.

I have always wanted to attend Comic Con. Not so much to meet the actors that play the Super Heroes ( Not that I would turn down a meet and greet with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., or Chris Evans. ) but to meet the ordinary people who dress up like the Super Heroes. To me they are the real story. I was Blessed with the opportunity this weekend to attend the Heart Of Texas Comic Con in Waco Texas. I had a blast; the actors that showed up were a little lack luster but what do you expect for Waco Texas. The truth is that even though I had not heard of most of them they were patient and kind and put forth a Super effort to please the fans. And there were a lot of fans that were so very happy they showed up.

I am not fond of large crowds but the organizers did a fabulous job arranging the floor in a way that flowed naturally. I was never really trapped in a crowed that I could not maneuver out of with ease. Having never been before I was not sure what to expect and I was pleasantly pleased. For Waco Texas, I was actually a little impressed. The attendees truly were the story. I have never met a nicer bunch of people. Every person I asked to take their picture dropped whatever they were doing to pose for me. And what I saw was innocence; these people had hope, expectation and happiness in their eyes. I don’t find that anywhere anymore, simple and pure fun, in this world of spoiled pouters where you just are not cool unless you are unhappy. Even though the characters are derived from technology of one sort or another the costumes are not. It takes a lot of time to come up with these intricate designs. Some were very simple but still made a statement “look at me! I am happy and happy to be here”. I enjoyed the event but the people most and look forward to next time.