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The heart of a Montreal hero is red, white and blue.

In Montreal, there is nothing more important than a hero who wears a red, white and blue jersey.

Some Memorable moments
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
The moment hope faded for many Montrealers
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

It's true, we simply idolize our hockey players and this can be both a good and bad thing depending on the situation. Hockey is the one thing in this city that does not discriminate between language, race, age, religion, politics or gender. If you love the Canadians Hockey team, you are considered to be "golden," - at least on the day that a game is being broadcast - on game day, everyone is a Hockey hero.

Montrealers have a very unique love for the game that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world and this is part of what makes it special.

When the Montreal Canadiens win a game, series or cup, the city is on top of the world, but lose one game and the entire city is a media force to be reckoned with. Accusations and blame run rampant and a player that everyone loved yesterday, may be the most hated today.

Montreal is definitely not the best place to play hockey if you're on a losing streak, but it sure is the best, when you are on a winning one.

This has always been the way and that will never change. Montreal is one of the most legendary teams in the history of hockey and everyone wants to be part of it and yes there is always a "Price" to pay.

The only thing we can hope for is that someday soon, we can once again live up to the legends created by our former hockey heros. The days of Rocket Richard, Ken Dryden and Peter Mahovlich might be over, but the dream and the legend continues to live on in the hearts of Montrealers.

We live, breathe and sleep hockey here and like it or not, we are proud of it.

What makes a Montreal Hero? Someone or something that gives us hope, when everything else fails.

Hockey gives our city a reason to hope and if nothing else, that is why Hockey Matters here.

Hope for many of us died with the injury sustained by Carey Price. The logistics of what really happened will be debated for years to come and perhaps it crossed the minds of some to think it was done on purpose, but that is not for me to judge.

In my heart I know, Montreal is a city proud enough to say, that no matter what, we won't play that way! Win or lose now, we gave it our best shot and we played fair and that is all the matters in the end. Go Habs Go!

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