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The healthiest techniques for fried foods

Fried foods as we all know seem to always taste great. We also know that foods that are fried or deep fried are not the healthiest choices to include in our diets. They are hard to resist. It’s nice to know there is a technique for cooking fried foods that is better for you when you really are in the mood for some crispy, crunchy fried foods.

Fried foods are hard to resist!

Fried foods can be cooking in a healthy way:

  • Make sure the oil you use is very hot. When the oil is hot enough foods will brown much more quickly producing a crisp and golden crust. When the oil isn’t hot enough and food is added to it; it will soak up twice the amount of oil which is defeating the purpose of a healthier fried food.
  • Once the food is fried to perfection it is important to drain it thoroughly on paper towels. This excess oil will soak into the towels making your fried food healthier to eat.
  • Don’t rely on your usual method of adding oil to the pan. The healthiest way to use oil for frying is to measure it out. Since you’ll be cooking the food in hot oil it will cook more quickly without absorbing much of the oil.
  • Instead of oil try frying some foods with a pan sprayed with a nonstick cooking spray. This certainly limits the amount of added fat to foods when pan frying.


  • Fried foods should be eaten in moderation. Even the healthiest cooking methods still contain oil and fats that can raise cholesterol levels and cause weight gain.

Enjoy crisp fried foods cooking properly to avoid the fat and oil soaking in making it unhealthy to eat!

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