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The health care bill diversion; the neglected fight for the economy

The bloody health care fight is nearing the final round and as usual, Corporate America will win once the judges tally the points. After a century of mud slinging and misinformation by our elected puppets and year of heated debate, we get a junk bill full of post-it notes from well-paid health insurance lobbyists. If a regulatory panel is given any teeth at the start, Wellpoint and HealthTrust will kick them out within the first year. But it may create a few jobs as the insurance companies will have to hire some more paper jockeys to figure ways to circumvent this new set of complicated rules. It looks as if some SEIU and AFL-CIO checks may have bounced in Reid and Pelosi’s bank accounts. They should have gone direct deposit. That seems to work well for Big Health to Liebermann and Boehner.

To health with it.

The next congressional round of fisticuffs will be vicious. If anyone thought that healthcare brought out the worst on Capitol Hill, they haven’t seen anything. This time, during this nasty debate, America will learn where it’s Congressmen and Senators place their loyalty. No pay-per-view. No tickets. We all get front row seats to this one.

Regulation vs. Deregulation

Our Government hands over $787 billion in taxpayer money and gives the banks that caused this Great Recession a mulligan. Once the check was signed, America expected their supposed “for the people” government to right it and stop it from coming around again.

Then, Corporate Congress screamed ‘Health Care!’ in a crowed movie theater.

We looked left. Our money went right. Classic Kansas City Shuffle.

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs were too big to fail. Their collapse would have intensified the economic meltdown created by their own toxic practices. Such was the battle cry as they raided our public coffers. They gamboled with our deposits, when that wasn’t enough; they made up money and hid losses. When it came down around their heads, they pointed empty wallets at us.

Obama just handed them a check and let them fill in the amount. Only now did it occur to him to tack on a few stipulations. But that’s the hazard of stimulating a greed economy.

They didn’t lend it out to get the economy rolling again forcing the government to increase spending to pull us out of this recession. They sat on it, reinvested in the same nonsense default swaps, and dropped their CEO’s out at thirty thousand feet with hundreds of millions of dollars in public parachutes. They doubled down, gave us back the original bet, made an obscene fortune and left us to clean up the table.

The Republicans got the jump on America on this one and they may not even know it. The timeless rhetoric of reducing the public deficit is thrown around on Capitol Hill at every camera present. As the voice of Corporate America, Republican Senators are doing all they can to get deficit reducing legislation into law, which will effectively kill the only competition the Corporate Financiers of America have in controlling the flow of money and the upcurve of the economy as a whole.

Then the Big Four put the squeeze on lending and double dip the recession just in time for the 2012 (maybe even 2010) elections. With their newly granted free speech rights from the Supreme Court, or just Roberts and Scalia, they open the flood gates of money into the pockets of hand-picked candidates through massive ad campaigns with recently merged Comcast and NBC. All that’s left at that point is to stitch up a new version of ‘Old Glory’ and throw a salute to Saint Reagan on the 50-dollar bill.


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