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The health benefits of pigmentation

Many of us know that having some color in your skin makes you look more attractive for which reason many risk their very lives in tanning salons in a bid to look dark and attractive.

Pigmentation is however more than something to make us attractive. It has an effect on every area of our lives.

Why is that so? Because pigmentation is the natural cover and clothing we wear. In fact everything in nature is pigmented. The very dust from which man is made is pigmented.

Consequently, like everything else in nature, we humans are naturally designed to be pigmented. It protects us from the elements.

Therefore, we age less quickly the more pigmented we are. We also retain more moisture in our skin and it is more lubricated and shines naturally the more pigmented we are.

This means the more pigmented we are the more sunlight we can safely absorb which is very important. It is from the sunlight we get the biochemical light fields that keep us alive and operate our body systems. The more we are able to absorb and retain, the more resources we have to meet all of life’s activities and demands and stresses and the less stressed we are,

Hence pigmentation affects our coping abilities. This has implications for mental health and issues like depression and other behavioral issues as well as our sense of well being and so on.

Pigmentation protects our blood vessels and consequently our blood and life source from being exposed to harmful things in nature.

Sunlight is vital to our well being and the sunlight is coded to be absorbed by our bodies through the protection of the pigmentation in the skin and the eyes.

Consequently less pigmentation is hazardous. This is a good reason to get a good tan in the summer and go for that South American vacation in the winter. However if you are not naturally dark, you do not have the various built in protection against UV light rays and you need to remember to rub on some UV protection lotion before going out.

You may also want to think twice before damaging your pigmentation with skin lightners if you are well pigmented, as this will open you to the risk of cancers you are naturally not at risk for.

Pigmentation allows us to absorb sunlight in a form that helps us to easily utilize it in absorbing the nutrients in truly natural foods (unfortunately we are no longer eating natural foods as most foods have been adulterated by humans. Even the organic ones have had their seeds tampered with in the past and most of our soil at least here in the United States are already damaged).

Consequently pigmentation has an effect on physical strength which we build from the food nutrients and the ability to withstand several types of sickness and diseases.

These are a few of the myriads of known and unknown health benefits of pigmentation not only to humans but to everything in nature.

Where did I all these insights from? When I was very ill and dying from the health effects of computer use induced health condition and needed divine help to survive, I prayed for insight into the workings of the human body so I would have a level of understanding that would help me take the right decisions concerning my health.

Consequently as I studied the user manual for nature given to us by our maker called the Bible or Scripture, these are some of the facts that became known to me. That is how I started healing.

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