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The health benefits of owning a dog

We love you so much!!!!
We love you so much!!!!
Zina Munoz

Did you know that owning a dog is good for you?  No, really!  Numerous studies have been conducted that confirm the positive health benefits of owning a dog.  From lowering blood pressure to teaching a disabled child to walk, dogs and humans are a match made in heaven.

Dogs lift your mood.  Someone once said a dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.  No matter if you have been gone 10 minutes or all day, a dog will greet you with the same excitement and enthusiasm.  How can you be depressed when your darling pet gazes at you with loving eyes just waiting for the opportunity to cover your face with kisses? 

Dogs prevent you from feeling lonely.  Having a dog means having to share your life with another being.  Along with the joys of pet ownership come responsibilies as well.  Your dog relies on you for food, shelter, exercise and affection.  In return dogs are great listeners, know when you need a cuddle and give you love and support just by lying at your side.

Dogs encourage you to get out and exercise.  You need to exercise and so does your dog.  Having to take your dog regularly for walks gives you a reason to get out and walk as well.  The joy a dog feels being outdoors is infectious and soon, you might find yourself looking forward to those daily excursions.

Service dogs have brought a new demension to the lives of people with disabilities.  Seeing-eye dogs help guide and protect people who are blind.  Seizure dogs help people with frequent seizures find a safe place when a seizure is iminent.  Therapy dogs help people with physical disabilities learn to cope with their problems.  The list goes on and on.

If you are looking for a stable, loving, and joyful relationship, a trip to your local Humane Society is just the ticket.  There are thousands of unwanted and abandoned dogs just waiting for you to come in and make one of them your own.  In addition to Humane Societies, there are breed rescue groups that help to find homes for dogs of a particular breed.

Giving love is the best way to receive it.  Take a chance and share your life with a dog today.  You will both be better for it.


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