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The healing powers of yoga for stress relief

Yoga is a common practice that can hold restorative and healing powers.
Yoga is a common practice that can hold restorative and healing powers.

We've all been told that stress can be bad for our bodies but did you know how bad? According to Dr. Doug Nemecek, the national senior medical director for CIGNA's behavioral health business, a person's mood, or state of happiness, can be related to the amount of stress that person is feeling and how well he or she copes with that stress. A person might be stressed by work pressures, or at home by family and personal matters.

Regardless of the cause, there are a few ways that people can cope with stress, that include practicing yoga. Yoga is often associated with meditative of religions like Hinduism and Buddhism and the Mayo Clinic recently reported that yoga has plural benefits, including increased fitness levels, weight loss, stress reduction and management of chronic health conditions.

Chicago Now's breathe body balance blog recently shared several misconceptions about yoga and what others can do to challenge them. Top reasons that people resist practicing yoga is because they think that yoga is religion-based, requires optimal flexibility and that yoga is not "a workout." In reality, anyone can practice yoga, regardless of their faith and fitness level.

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