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The healing power of tears

Young Woman Crying
Young Woman Crying Castillo Dominici

Tears are healing. Not only are they a way of shedding the pain that one holds deep inside, they open the door for God to enter in and apply his loving salve to your wounded heart. They are a heartfelt plea to God, one in which no words need to be spoken.

Tears are beautiful. They are a part of our humanity. Even Jesus, in his humanity cried. John 11:35 states “Jesus wept”. There is a lot of power in those two words. Jesus was crying not for himself, but for the family of Lazarus, who were deeply distraught over his death. Even though Jesus knew that Lazarus was about to be brought back to life, He was still able to feel so much compassion for the sadness of his friends that he cried.

Tears help us to see. Tears may cloud your eyes temporarily, but when you are finished crying you can often see more clearly the path before you. Cobwebs of doubt, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness are washed away.

Many question why God allows some of the trials that come along in this life. It is because God uses those trials as a means of healing. These are never meant to cause harm. God sees the big picture that humanity does not see. God knows that it is through tears, one’s greatest blessings can be revealed.

The beautiful song, “Blessings”, by Laura Story expresses these thoughts perfectly.

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