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The healing benefits of crystals

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Crystals have long been valued not only for their obvious and unique beauty, but for their healing powers as well. Healers, shamans and priests from many various cultures throughout history have used crystals for their unique properties. Some more local cultures to use crystals for healing include the Hopi Native Americans of Arizona and the Hawaiian Islanders.

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It is widely believed crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans. As such, it is believed that this vibrational power can either combat illness or amplify health. Various crystals and particular colors all have different functions, and can be used individually or can be combined to help with multiple issues. You may also wish to research and learn about color therapy in addition to crystals. Colors and crystals also relate to the chakras, which are fascinating to learn about!

Holistic and alternative healing is becoming more mainstream in Western society, and this includes re-recognizing the role that crystals can play in healing. There are thousands of different crystals on the planet but few are actually used in crystal healing. Learning the general properties of colors can be the easiest way to start understanding and using crystals. The fastest way to incorporate crystals into your life is simply by wearing jewelry made with the crystals of your choice. Crystals can also be placed around the home or work area, and used in meditation as well.

A great place to find crystal jewelry is, where you will not only find one-of-a-kind pieces, but you will also be supporting small businesses and artisans!