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The Head ready new release

The Head's Girls of the Yukon
The Head's Girls of the Yukon

New release: Girls of the Yukon by The Head

Atlanta trio The Head continue their power pop evolution with the release of Girls of the Yukon. The 5-song EP showcases the band’s adroit songwriting ability paired with tight musicianship. Mike Shaw (vocals, bass) and twin brother Jack (vocals, drums), along with guitarist Jacob Morrell have put together a release perfectly timed for the fall rush of new music. Lots of harmonies bring the feel of the sixties while still sounding as fresh as anything 2013 has to offer. A late fall release is expected.

The band has taken a “pay what you want” approach in the past when it comes to selling their vinyl and CDs at live shows. This marketing angle, along with relying on live shows and word of mouth, has cemented their reputation and produced buzz for the band, getting their sound out there. The difference with Girls, though, is that it will be available on iTunes, Spotify and Rhapsody, opening the door for deserved mass exposure.

“Alone” is the first track and is a power pop gem, rife with sweet guitar, a pulsating rhythm section and terrific harmonies. It’s the perfect song to launch the record. Second track “Commotion” stands by its name: an adrenaline rush about what may have been a crazy ex-girlfriend (“You may look fine but you’re not alright”).

“In My Arms” is a sincere tribute – intended or not – to the Fab Four. A well done piece of music that may take you back a few decades but is still rooted in the here and now. Keeping that Summer of Love vibe is “Realize,” a sweet and smooth tune with lots of “ooh, ooh, ooh-oohs.” The skill with which the trio plays gives an immediacy to each song. These guys can play and they are fun to watch.

The last track, “Leave Me,” is sort of a fish out of water. At first listen, it almost sounds like another band. This one may have more in common with a seventies approach. More of a folksy vibe with acoustic guitar and keys. Coming in as the longest song on the EP, it may just be the most mature thing these guys have done.

The Head continue to make bristling music that will grow on you like Georgia kudzu, if you give it a chance. It’s surprising that they have not yet exploded nationwide. That may be coming, though, after scoring a cherished opening slot with The English Beat in Atlanta back in April. That lead shortly thereafter to The Beat inviting The Head to open four more shows for them in the northeast. Not too shabby.

Late September will bring two CD release shows for Girls of the Yukon. The first will be at the Star Bar in Atlanta on Friday, September 27, followed by the Radio Room in Greenville, SC on Saturday the 28th, so mark your calendars. For more information, go to The Head’s website HERE.

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