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The Head Hunter Job: Are you ready for a change in your career field?

Toronto, Canada is a place that opens many doors of opportunity for job seekers. More often than not, it is very important for one to have a 'helper' to provide guidance during one's search for employment. Companies tend to hire 'head hunters' to help make the perfect match in candidacy. Similarly, job seekers hire the latter; to ensure that their job search process remains on the right track!

Becoming a 'head hunter' in Toronto, Canada
Becoming a 'head hunter' in Toronto, Canada
Photo from Employment News Canada shared by Jobs Journalist / Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News
How to become a 'head hunter' in Toronto, Canada
Photo from Obu.Edu shared by Jobs Journalist / Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News

Becoming a 'head hunter' or a 'job hunter' involves having the ability to see the world through the eyes of one who is unemployed. The 'head hunter' should have patience and compassion for every situation - considering all economical factors and family obligations that one must fulfill. The urgency of finding work is just as important as buying groceries to feed the members of one's household.

A 'head hunter' position involves having a knack for researching; using this vital skill to assess the client's needs and being able to find the perfect candidate required.

This type of position is offered at employment agencies, corporate head offices, community service organizations and privatized business enterprises.

The recruitment process is consistent, according to the demands of the job that must be filled.

According to a statistical study by, it has been quoted that: 'In 2007, the salary range for headhunters was from $27,000 - $85,000+.

Many headhunters work on commission, so their salary depends on how many prospective employees they are able to match up with employers.'


Although having a certificate or a diploma is not mandatory, it would be quite helpful to study courses such as: Human Resources Management, Labor Relations, Business Administration and Employment Communications.

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Happy Searching, Toronto!

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