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The Haunting Light of Newport Oregon - Yaquina Lighthouse

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Hundreds of people flock to the Oregon coastline to tour the lighthouses along the beach. Each stands proud and tall, each with a rich history behind them.

The Yaquina lighthouse holds its own tale. The story is one of mystery. Was it murder? Was it something unworldly?

There is one account that brings a mystery to the lighthouse, even today. The story was written by Lischen M. Miller in 1899 and was published in a west coast literary magazine, Pacific Monthly. Since the story was written, many still believe today that the folklore surrounding the Yaquina lighthouse is real.

Finn J.D. John reads the fictional story written by Lischen M. Miller on the website "Offbeat Oregon" in a podcast he has created. Never a Niche Live talk radio presents "The Haunted Light of Newport" on a recent show. The show plays the reading of this murder mystery written long ago, bringing the history of the Yaquina lighthouse in Newport, Oregon to life.

Viewing the lighthouse in the early stages, it is easy to comprehend why a mystery would become truth. The home sits high upon a cliff above the sea. Its weathered exterior and darkened windows present the perfect canvas for a mysterious tale to be painted.

Of all the lighthouses along the Oregon-Washington coast, the Yaquina lighthouse stands out as one of the richest in historical value. If you're touring Oregon, it's worth a tour. The inner walls of the house tell a story of their own.