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The Haunted Windchimes’ Easter extravaganza at Songbird Cellars

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BEULAH, Colo.—The Haunted Windchimes ended a two night stand at Songbird Cellars, on April 20. They performed a two hour set.

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Inaiah Lujan is the vocalist and guitarist, Desirae Garcia is the vocalist and plays the ukulele, Chela Lujan is the vocalist and banjoist, Sean Fanning plays the upright bass and Mike Clark provides vocals, plays the harmonica, mandolin, guitar and squeeze box for The Haunted Windchimes.

Before The Haunted Windchimes began their recital with “Honey Moonshine”, Inaiah Lujan joked how weird it was to play while the sun was still up and compared it to a matinee show. During the performance—Chela Lujan and Garcia assisted with backup vocals, while Fanning played the upright bass and Clark played the harmonica. Towards the end—Inaiah Lujan sang the title and held his note, Chela Lujan accompanied shortly after, Garcia harmonized last and all three ended together.

“35 Miles Away” brought an end to The Haunted Windchimes first hour. Inaiah Lujan stated how he wished he did not wear a sweater because the temperature was unbearable. He pointed out how the weather in Colo. was often confusing, due to the alternating sunshine and snowfall. He explained the inspiration behind the song was when he noticed a mile marker, on the way back from one of Clark’s concerts. Afterwards, he encouraged the crowd to talk to them during the intermission.

“Pine Six String”, “Fleeting Transient Feelings”, “Sweetie Pie”, “Waitin’ for a Train”, “Lordy Lordy”, “Earthquake”, “More Drink Please” and “Leaving Here” were part of The Haunted Windchimes’ first set.

Clark spoke of an adventure he had earlier in the day, after The Haunted Windchimes returned to begin the second half of the concert with “Rattle Snake Girl”. He mentioned he went on a bike ride and headed west along Fountain Creek. He stated the scenery was much better than when he went north, after seeing a few interesting characters along the way.

After bringing an end to “Leave The Nest”—spectators chanted one more song, as they gave The Haunted Windchimes a standing ovation. They granted them their request and ended the concert with “Say Yer Sorry”, after Inaiah Lujan said the song was for Easter.

“Steal Your Voice”, “Hallelujah”, “Love Love Love”, “Cryin’ like the Rain”, “Out with the Crow”, “Birthday Song”, “D-Minor” and “I’m Sorry (I’m in Love with Someone Else)” were part of The Haunted Windchimes’ second set.