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The Hatchet Resort – in the style of the grand motor hotel

The Hatchet Resort is more classic motor lodge than resort. It offers park-outside-your-door convenience and a couple restaurants right on property.
The Hatchet Resort is more classic motor lodge than resort. It offers park-outside-your-door convenience and a couple restaurants right on property.
by Doug Bardwell -

As we traveled to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons recently, we had the occasion to visit one of the remaining classic motor hotels (The Hatchet) that were so popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. Just one night was enough to remind us why they were so great, and why in a number of cases, the new breed hotels just don’t measure up.

Just a few advantages that come to mind immediately:

· From your car to your bed – six seconds.

· No waiting for elevators

· No tipping the pushy bellman that insist on taking your bags

· Forgot something in your car? Get it and back to the room – ten seconds.

· No long walks down endless corridors

The Hatchet Resort – Moran, Wyoming

Built in 1954, this historic motor lodge retains much of its original charm with log cabin styling and convenient park-right-outside-your-door convenience. Fitting perfectly with the mountains in the distance, this is what you would expect to find here if you could roll back the calendar 60 years.

Luckily for guests, the new owners of the Hatchet have recently remodeled all the rooms and suites to include modern conveniences. Expect abundant use of wood for wall paneling, ceilings and furniture. All rooms seem to be decorated with a distinct western or native American flair.

The location is perfect if you’ll be visiting the two neighboring National Parks. Grand Teton is just minutes away and Yellowstone is only about an hour away.

We stayed in one of the corner suites (cabin 35) and were quite comfortable in this spacious unit. Oversized bed and pullout sofa dominated the room with open wooden ceiling beams and large windows looking out to the wildness. Occasionally one of their horses would wander by while grazing on the lawn surrounding the hotel.

The bathroom was very large with walk-in shower and waterfall shower head. Rustic ceramic floor tiles complemented the wood wainscot paneling.

Internet is an additional $3.00 charge and took quite a while to connect. Once I got online, it worked consistently the entire evening. I’ll never understand why hotels don’t just provide Internet as these days just about everyone expects it, and it’s irritating to have to pay extra for it.

After checking in and getting a nice shower, we wandered over to the Whetstone Grill for dinner. Very friendly and accommodating staff and nice menu selections. We each ordered one of the daily specials and were delighted with our selections (ribs and salmon.) I tried a local microbrew with my dinner and it was good as well.

In the morning, we were one of the last to leave – staying right up until 11 a.m. We’d been away from home for a week and a half already and it felt good to just relax before we hit the road again.

Take a couple minutes to look around the gift shop next to the registration desk. We found some great little souvenirs there.

The Hatchet Resort; 19980 East Highway 287 P.O. Box 316 Moran, WY 83013; 877.543.2413


And since you're in the neighborhood, consider Sheridan, WY as another stop.

Cheyenne, WY, although at the other end of the state, is also worth a visit.

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