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The Harrison Swalley Quartet launch iPhone game today at Live Culture


Harrison Swalley is a prince on the new iPhone app

In honor of Santa Barbara-local, Winnie Swalley and the launch of her first iPhone game, Magic Earthwand, The Harrison Swalley Quartet are performing 4:00 - 7:00 PM today at Live Culture Lounge,11 W. De la Guerra St.,Santa Barbara, CA.

Winnie Swalley's game simulates the physics of a classic childhood pastime, the cup-and-ball game, which had its origins in France in the sixteenth century. Rumor has it that it was Marie Antoinette’s favorite game. She would have liked this version for the iPhone: the objects are now daggers made of earthly elements like marble, amber and crystal strung to ruby rings, and represent three handsome princes. These gentle princes, assigned as guardians to the Earth’s animals, vegetables and minerals, have been tricked and robbed of love and turned into ‘Magic EarthWands’ by an evil wizard (and here Swalley’s irreverence surfaces) named Duche Baggums.

One of the princes is based on Swalley’s son. Harrison (15) was just four years old when he picked up and started playing the trumpet. He spent a great deal of time learning jazz from Wynton Marsalis and other members of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Harrison recently won a position as one of seven young artists in Santa Barbara County in the Music Academy of the West's Merit Extended Program. The Harrison Swalley Quartet is a show that should not be missed.

Come on down and support local music and creativity!

For more information: call Paksy: 805 698 9589.