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The Harrison Park fire, was it arson?

Questions still remain concerning the fire which destroyed the little community of Harrison Park, California more than 10 years ago. One significant question concerns the lack of air support, which is documented in the video of the fire which I have included with this article. The second, concerns the horrific explosions shown in the video that seem to be moving the direction of the fire towards a specific destination.

The reason for this article is that I handled several fire claims in Harrison Park while working as a Claims Adjuster (it should be noted I was threatened with the loss of my job if I continued the investigation concerning the fire). There was also an article written about my efforts to find the answers to questions concerning the fire, which existed even then; see

The video which I have attached with this article shows the ferocity of this fire. First we see the fire traveling in a direction which is opposite to the wind currents which were blowing that day. The time frame involved is from 6:35 a.m. to 5:20 p.m. on October 28, 2003. Please note the large explosions that take place, are not explosions from trees, homes, or even propane tanks. I confess, I am not an expert with explosives, however, I have investigated enough wildfire claims to know that the explosions shown in this video do not stem from trees, homes or propane tanks.

The attached video was originally placed on the internet in November of 2006 by The High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network of the University of California at San Diego. This very significant part of the UCSD establishment recorded this video as it occurred, and then proceeded to hand out 20 copies to Law Enforcement agencies to aid them in their investigations of the fire.

Several months later, a copy of this video was sent to me anonymously; this was due no doubt, to my involvement in the investigation of the fire in order to determine, if possible, who may have started the fire, or helped it along.

It appears to me the explosions that we are looking at are some type of ordinance either left in the Mt. Laguna, Harrison Park area, or placed there.

It should also be noted the F.B.I. in June of 2003, issued a bulletin to National and State Forest offices in the Western United States to the effect that an Al-Qaida prisoner in Guantanamo Bay had stated that operatives from Al-Qaida would be setting off incendiary devices in National and State Forests to cause panic.
My final comment is this: If anyone has information concerning what they may have seen during the 2003 Cedar fire, you can contact me in the comments section listed at the bottom of this page.

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