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The Harmon/Kardon Onyx Speaker System

An elegant solution for small sound from a large speaker
An elegant solution for small sound from a large speaker
Kurt von Behrmann

Big sound from a relatively small package has been problematic. How to pack decent sound into a small enclosure problem that few have solved successfully. In the case of the Harmon/Kardon Onyx a true solution has been found.

Measuring just 11 inch in diameter, it is not a huge device. By the same token, it is not so diminutive as to fit in a bag or coat pocket. If you are looking for that kind of portability, you need to look elsewhere. But, if you don’t mind taking the device with you -- it has an indentation for a handle --you are assured a rich sound experience.

It is easy to see this device as best in class, and it proves this by its fine tuned performance. The sound is rich, detailed and vibrant on the low settings. It is always surprising to hear small speakers able to handle the nuances of sound. This is particularly true on the lower volume settings. The Onxy can literally take any style of music you throw its way. From jazz to pop, it doesn’t disappoint. What it lacks in pure portability, it makes up for by offering a pleasant sound experience.

If you are looking to literally “Rock The House,” it provides enough muscle to make it the ultimate portable party power house sound system. While it certainly can’t compete with the booming sound of a dedicated 5.1 sound system with a large booming base, considering its size and purpose, the Onxy can certainly hold its own.

As an adjunct to a blue tooth enabled handset or computer, it makes an excellent accessory. Even the most modest of handsets can be transformed into a luxurious provider of excellent sound by the Onyx. Naturally, it handles more powerful mobile phones with aplomb.

Syncing is relatively simple. I discovered no issues connecting it to several phones.

Instead of buttons, the device’s controls are handled by pushing the soft frame of the apparatus has illuminated icons. Blue tooth, volume and the off and on controls are located around the edge of the round speaker.

Available at Sprint for $ 399.99, this is not a discount system. However, it offers premium sound. It does live up to its higher price points. In contrast to other systems in its class, it does sound superior. If you don’t mind premium dollar for sound, you are going to get your money’s worth.

For availability see or contact a participating store in your area.

General Specifications
Speaker Transducers 2 x 3” woofers, 2 x ¾” tweeters
Power Requirement 4 x 15W
Frequency Response 55Hz – 20kHz

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