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The hardest job in the world

Finding a way to laugh when work is tough
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This title would lead folks to think of POTUS (President of the United States), the Pope, or an eighth grade school teacher who has to deal with difficult followers and prepubescent youth. But, no. The hardest job in the world is finding out who you are and trying to nail down the best job for you - not for someone like you - but YOU. Warts and roses.

So, if you haven't already figured out that you are a Type A person who craves power and money in the workplace (which is approximately 1 out of every 2 people in D.C.), then read the following observations about you and money and respond with the most appropriate answer. Be brutally honest - no one but you knows what you select!

You enjoy working for pay because you want to:

(1) make money to help people, organizations, and causes; or

(2) make money because without your lavish lifestyle the U.S. economy may just sink into the ocean; or

(3) make so much money your financial team has to outsource some of its accounting to other firms.

If you answered YES to either #2 or #3, then you fit right into most D.C. power circles. However, if you answered #1 then you are probably here to do good works (read one of my earlier essays) and are not particularly interested in chasing the green. GOOD FOR YOU! I am sincerely proud that you are part of our city.

However, if you didn't find yourself in any of the responses, there are a number of books out there, including What Color is Your Parachute and Finding Your Perfect Work that seek to guide you down the golden pathway of career satisfaction. There's also the Myers-Briggs test (take it for fun) and other personality assessment tools that try to figure out who you are, what makes you tick, and how to use your skills, personality, and experience to their best advantage in the marketplace.

So, let's think about the hardest job in the world - getting to know yourself and finding your perfect work. Notice the distinction between finding your perfect "job" versus finding your perfect "work." Come up with a list of five activities you enjoy and five people you admire (not just like but admire) and I'm willing to bet you are closer than you think to finding your absolute perfect work.

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