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The hard-luck boat, snow, record heat and a flipped airplane

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The hard-luck boat, snow, record heat and a flipped airplane top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here are the weather events that happened on May 3.

1905 - The wood, bulk freight Hesper was driven on a reef near Silver Bay, MN in Lake Superior by winds reported as reaching 60 mph. She broke in two and later slid into deep water during the gale. She was bound for Two Harbors. High winds were complicated by heavy snows, but her crew made it to shore in her yawls, though one capsized in big rocks.

1922 - The unrigged wood barge Harriet B, while carrying pulpwood, was rammed by the steel freighter Quincy A. Shaw and sunk while anchored in the fog off Two Harbors, MN in Lake Superior. She had been in tow of the steamer C.W. Jacob. Known as a hard-luck boat which had had many accidents, even in her days as a car ferry.

1929 – Record snow falls at Alpena with 8.7”. This is the most snow ever recorded for the month of May.
1950 - Another snowy season ended in Marquette with 188.0 inches in the winter of 1949 and spring of 1950. 1.8 inches of snow fell this day, the last measureable snowfall for that season in Marquette.

1951 - Livingston County was hit by an F2 tornado at 2:35PM.

1954 - Snow falls on three straight days from the 3rd to the 5th across Lower Michigan. Record snowfall on this date includes the 1.3” at Grand Rapids.

1959 - Muskegon sets a record high of 82° during a string of five straight days over 80 degrees. Lansing also observes a record high of 88° on this day.

2012 - A severe thunderstorm outbreak resulted in numerous reports of wind damage, including a small plane being flipped over at Bishop International Airport in Flint. Heavy rain and thunderstorms lasted well into the evening hours and dropped 2.39" of rain on the city, making in the highest daily rainfall total that Flint had ever recorded, until the next morning when continuing heavy rains dumped another 3.23".