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The Happy's, furry friends make good playmates

The Happy's, time for fun
The Happy's, time for fun
Cristine Struble

What makes kids happy? A furry friend who can play and entertain for hours on end can make a child happy. The new toy, The Happy's, brings the fun and joy of a furry friend into the home.

Get ready for The Happy's

The Happy's are a new toy from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. These toys are very realistic furry friends. These adorable puppies and cute kittens have fun chasing balls, mastering tricks and enjoying the fun in the moment.The Happy's are ready to earn a place in your heart.

The Happy's can sit, pounce and play. As they play and learn, The Happy's can unlock treats and accomplish more tricks. Each characters special treat unlocks an unique trick. The puppy might beg or the kitten could pounce. The more a child plays with the toy, the more the toy reacts.

Since The Happy's have a motorized component, these pets work best on a harder surface. Tile and hard wood floor has better playing opportunities than plush carpet.

These toys are perfect for families who are unable or reluctant to have a living pet. The Happy's are a perfect solution to the dilemma. The kids get the "play" fun of a cute, furry pet without the chores (ie clean-up). Plus, The Happy's can a test to see if the kids (and family) can be ready for a real pet.

The Happy's will be available for purchase this Spring at Toys R Us, Walmart, Target, Justice and Radio Shack.

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