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The happiest 'Happy' video release by Simply Three

There's 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. Then there's a few even happier recordings of Williams' viral marathon song, like the recent Pentatonix release. Today's 'Happy' string cover release by Simply Three however, is simply the most infectiously happiest 'Happy' yet! The flashy, classically trained trio was tickled to share some tidbits of inspiration about their new, all-strings video in an interview this morning.

Simply Three releases cover of Pharrell Williams' Happy
Simply Three

"I LOVED doing the last shot of the video with the drone helicopter camera!" bassist Nick Villalobos gushed about the brightly-colored, irresistibly fun recording. It's the flourishing finish to a snappy, sunshine-filled, three minutes of glee.

"It was incredible to see this perfectly controlled robot flying around and above us. It got the coolest shots!" agreed violinist Alex Weill, who got a chance to do some zippy, creative improvisation on the tune.

Cellist Zack Clark explained that, in addition to the official video (that Huffington Post and others were quick to cheer on today), Simply Three also created a special edition 'Happy' fan release that features video submissions from S3 groupies worldwide--India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, China, to name a few. Navy pilots to dentists to families with adorable kids to Super Bowl attendees are now internet stars while they're jamming out in a snazzy, professionally-produced music video by the happiest trio to roam the Arizona desert. Best of all, they're making tens of thousands of smiles around the globe.

"I probably would've been eating some sort of cuisine that some Americans find "weird," food that's normal in other cultures," said Weill about the prospect of submitting a video to her own group's fun contest. "I love seeking out bizarre foods and experiencing them with friends."

"I definitely would have been playing basketball. Or skateboarding or wakeboarding. Or scuba diving," laughed Villalobos. "Ha! I think I could have done a whole video myself. There are so many things I like to do that make me happy!"

Clark, noting that this International Happiness Day release was not mere coincidence, said, "As we were filming, you are seeing our true expressions of joy. It's the sheer joy of creating and sharing great music that makes me want to wake up the next morning."

"My happiest realization was simply that I am doing what makes me happy - music."

Even better than serendipity, Zack, it makes us happy, too.

-Jennifer Haaland

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