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The Hand of God - Regina Steiger

Regina Steiger
Regina Steiger - The Hand of God

Tired of bad news? When's the last time you opened a newspaper without seeing headlines concerning a murder, or crime of some type of tragic accident. Unfortunately in our world, it's the bad things that usually make it into the newspapers. The good news is boring to a large segment of the population. It doesn't sell. And even the bad news is becoming so bland, because we've become desensitized, that news agencies have to beef it up with hype etc. Here's an article calling for news agencies to be true to the trade and to report the news (as opposed to making it or exaggerating it).

The tabloids and newscasters are not slow to report a pastor who falls into sexual sin or embezzlement or something equally juicy. However, when's the last time you saw an article on a healing, or a revival, or a life transformed by the love of Christ? If you're saying "never", I'm nodding my head. We need to know what is going on in the world, the world that flies under the radar of the main stream.

One lady who has her sights set on bringing another type of news to the public eye (and ears) is Regina Benjamin Steiger. As a former news reporter, she found herself getting discouraged and disillusioned by the stories she had to share with the world. She decided to focus on good news and has launched her own show via the Internet to report on what God is doing around the world.

Here is a link to the website for The Hand of God:

Make sure you listen to the worship video, an awesome rendition of one of my favorite hymns.

Regina can't do this by herself. How can you help? Here's the crowdfunding page for Regina's project.

Crowdfunding is a rather new innovation that allows artists to raise funds to bring their projects to fruition. Can you help Regina tell the stories that will lift our spirits and encourage us the run the good race and fight the good fight? Click on that link and pledge an amount of money to this cause.

BTW: Jenn Gotzon, a precious friend of mine, is scheduled to be with Regina in a future installment. She has an awesome testimony of how God has blessed her life and given her a platform in Hollywood to share the good news.

There are a lot of worthy Christian projects seeking funding via the crowdfunding sites. If you want to make a difference in the world, you might check those out and become a participant through giving. It might not be considered a tithe, but I'm sure God will reward you for your diligence in helping spread the gospel through media.

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