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The 'Hand of God' appears in the sky

The Hand of God
The Hand of God
NASA photo

The “Hand of God” is a photo that was recently taken by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) and scientists are still at a loss as to why the nebula formed such an amazing shape, according to a WebProNews report on Friday.

Viewing the picture, the formation in the sky obviously is in the shape of a hand – and naturally, appearing to be a human hand viewed in the sky, people are questioning as to whether the “hand” is the “hand of God.”

According to the report, a nebula – which is Latin for “cloud” and is defined as an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases – was formed by cloud of gas surrounding a neutron star named PSR B1509-58, or abbreviated as B1509. Additionally, a neutron star is a star that is disintegrating by burning out and collapsing within. As the star spins during the disintegration process, it spews gases and materials which react with sub-atomic particles released by the star – thereby creating a unique shape of the nebula.

Obviously, scientists have no problem explaining how the nebula is produced, but it cannot give a reason as to why it is shaped like a human hand. As to whether it is truly the “hand of God” or a coincidence in the nebula’s appearance can be debatable – but never proven. Many have taken both sides – thinking it is all scientific coincidence or believing it is God in a revelation.

While naysayers say it's just a freak accident that the nebula formed in the shape of a human hand, those who believe it is truly the "God's hand" revealing itself assert that the odds of a nebula making a human hand-formation are near-nonexistent.