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The Hancock Era Begins in Denver, What's Ahead

Before an audience that included former mayors Pena, Webb and Hickenlooper, Michael Hancock became Denver's newest mayor. In his inauguration speech Hancock promised to take challenges, such as a "broken budget," and turn them into opportunities, Hancock lauded the previous mayors, stating that he stands on the back of "giants."

Interestingly mentioning Mayors Stapleton and Speer, while ignoring more modern mayors, such as McNichols, Hancock gave credit to both Stapleton and Pena for turning Denver into an "international" city, and to Webb for events such as the Pope's visit in the 1980s and other efforts to reach out to the larger world. He was praised as a "very positive" individual on 9 News, indicating that a Hancock administration may, finally, be the recipient of the honeymoon with the press, which normally begins immediately following the election. If so, it will be a first for Hancock following the election.

With questions still unanswered and all but ignored by the local media concerning Hancock's connections with an escort service, the Hancock administration may well find its credibility extensively scrutinized by at least some of the press. In one of the more interesting aftermaths to any mayoral, or for that matter, any elections in recent history, the local press revealed the controversy after the election, rather than during the campaign, when it might well have influenced the result.

In which case the inauguration today might well have been the start of a Romer administration.

Internet speculation on the possible motivations behind the rather bizarre actions of the press in this matter are rampant. One theory holds that those who withheld the story during the campaign did not want a Romer win, but rather hoped to be able to control a Hancock administration once it was in office. In any event, it may be fairly safe to predict that the Hancock era may be a lot of things, but it should not be boring.


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