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The ham salad sandwich: holiday leftovers

Leftover baked ham makes tasty ham salad and deviled ham combinations quick and easy.
Leftover baked ham makes tasty ham salad and deviled ham combinations quick and easy. commons: Steven Lilly

Holiday leftovers are usually bountiful, welcome, and tasty, but after the third serving most families are calling for take out. That succulent ham, that looked so good last week, is now waiting for you to work your culinary magic of disguise.

A trusty ham salad or deviled ham can spice things up and bring new life to the next few rounds of leftovers. As simple as ham mixed with mayonnaise this humble salad is a blank canvas waiting for you to create a masterpiece.

Add a sharp cheddar or a smooth mozzarella cheese for a new take on the ham melt, or try serving on a hearty pumpernickel or rye bread instead of plain white. Layer with dill or sweet pickles and tomatoes, or combine with a sweet fruit chutney. Try mixing in the leftover cranberry salad and layer with creamy brie for a silky rich combination, perfect served on a toasted French bread roll.

Deviled ham usually contains some sort of spice or heat, hence the deviled title, but the flavor combinations are still limitless. Smokey, sweet, and tangy are all on the table, spicy mustard and hot sauces are both popular in deviled ham recipes.

Whichever direction your imagination takes you, disguising that leftover ham is simple and easy and budget friendly.

Common Ham Salad

  • Ham chopped fine (what ever you have on hand)
  • Mayo
  • Pickle relish
  • Black pepper

Stir until combined.

This is a truly simple recipe and even the pickle relish and black pepper can be omitted if desired. Simply start with leftover ham and a spoonful of mayo and let your imagination be your guide.



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