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The Hallowell Trail in Colorado

One of the scenes in Estes Park similar to the Hallowell Trail scene.

If you want to snowshoe in a scenic area in Colorado, visit Estes Park’s Hallowell Trail and Mill Creek basin. Being the place where the Civilian Conservation Corps hired young, single men to engage in “ranger work”, from 1933-42, the nature scene and trails are well-preserved.

The Hallowell Trail starts near brown and green trees whose strong color makes them stand out from the background. Behind them, are the snowy hills in front of you, to the right and left of you. The sight is panoramic, showcasing the snowy hills stretching across the wide open space with smaller bushes sticking out from the ground in front of the hills.

As you progress on the trail, you will notice that trees and giant rocks marked by snow patches exist side-by-side. Eventually, you will cross a small bridge into the forested area. Numerous tall, thin Aspens stand to your right and your left, like silent guardians of you or nature. You are alone in the deep quiet of the forest, breathing in the outdoors. The only things that could be heard, if not animals, are the Aspens creaking as they sway in the wind.

As you see the trees up close, and the hills and valleys nestled in snow, and notice the many Aspens surrounding you, that part of the trail will feel cozy--like a living room--yet, its outdoors. That feeling reminds one that nature is our true home.

Driving away from the trail leads you back into town where there are many shops. Some, like Outdoor World, sell snowshoeing and other activity gear. Another store, Twisted Pine Fur and Leather sells buckskin suede coats, Indian-styled rugs and Navajo blankets. The town is “small-ish”, yet eye-catching because of it’s shape and appearance. You will have fun in Estes Park.

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