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The habit of fitness

Isn't the world beautiful?
Isn't the world beautiful?
Taken by the beach

Getting outside, whether it’s to eat or to run is a whole experience. The senses are engaged by temperature, a breeze, an insect investigating our arm. Walking, the primordial transportation, a one foot in front of the other wonder, a bipedal exclusive club that all humans able can use to tour Venice, get to school, exercise the pooch and get fit; is what we are talking about today.

Turn off the wii and go outside. Smell the air, pollution or not, what is the world like? Here’s the magic of walking: each step brings new things into sharper focus. Fitness is a habit to be acquired, not a destination resort. Don’t confuse fitness with obsessive exercising. It’s not a matter of hitting the gym four mornings a week at three a.m. It’s not eating 600 calories a day and drinking two gallons of water.

Just read the labels. Eat a salad with the dressing on the side. Drink water instead of a coke. Eat with friends, laugh with your mouth full. And by all means, go for a walk when you can. There is this frenzied information overload that we are inundated with daily. It is oppressive and completely delusional. Shut the door on technology for a bit, leave the phone and ipod behind, go outside, and listen to the world around you. And no, it doesn’t have to be a tranquil, wooded lane.

There is beauty everywhere. Your job today is to be where you are and really see it. Every day, people pass by beautiful things, miss moments of clarity and enlightenment because they are texting. Give yourself the gift of a luscious, loaded experience with your world: go for a technology free walk.